Gemeinsame Jahrestagung SMOB- SGED

Joint conference SMOB-SGED/SSED

12./13.11.2020 per Livestream


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09:00 - 10:30 Session 1 How to Improve the Results of Gastric Bypass
Chairs: P. Gerber, M. Suter


09:00 Mechanisms of Action of Gastic Bypass
(M. Bueter, Männedorf CH)
09:20 Influence of Different Limb Length: Results of a Murine Model with Different BPL Lengths
(R. Schneider, Basel CH (R. Peterli Basel CH))
09.35 Interdisciplinary Evaluation and Conservative Options for Insufficient Weight Loss
- Nutritonal/Behavioral Options (L. Vaccarino, Zurich CH)
- Medicial Options (V. Giusti, Lausanne CH)
10.00 Surgical Options
(M. Schiesser, Zurich CH)
10.20 Discussion
10.30 - 11.00 Coffee Break
11.00 - 12.30 Session 2: GERD After Bariatric Surgery
Chairs: R. Peterli, M. Laimer
11.00 Diagnostics and DD
(M. Fox, Arlesheim CH)
11.20 GERD after Bypass: Review of Literature
(M. Suter, Lausanne CH)
11.40 GERD after Sleeve: Review of Literature
(M. Jung, Genève CH)
12.00 GERD/Barrett 5 Years after Sleeve vs LRYGB
(B. Wölnerhanssen, Basel CH (R. Peterli, Basel CH))
12.20 Discussion
12.30 - 13.30 Lunch
13.30 - 15.00 Session 3: Case Presentations
Chair: B. Schultes, M. Hagen
13.30  Case #1: Recovering from Anasarca after Bariatric Surgery... a Long Journey
(L. Vaccarino, Zurich CH)
13.50 Case #2: Vomiting post Bypass
(K. Linke, Basel CH)
14.10 Case #3: Impact of Physical Exercise in Bariatric Patients
(J. Cros, Lausanne CH)
14.30 Case #4: Multifocal Gastric Metaplasia, GERD and Obesity - What Operation to Offer
(M. Podetta, Genève CH)
14.50 Case #5: Should We Operate Former Drug Addicts?
(S. Mantziari, Lausanne CH)
15.10 Summary
(R. Peterli, Basel CH)
15.15 End of the Conference